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Jetwings is providing project work support to the students of Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering students from past many years; all our project titles are set by the industry experts, keeping in mind the latest R&D projects ongoing in the industries & Indian/Foreign Universities. Students opting to do their final year projects with us will be given excellent training on all the Theoretical concepts, Hands on experience on ‘Design and Analysis’ softwares involved in the project and students will be taken to the industries for visits to understand the physical appearance of the components - if required. Students will be given training on programming languages and classical method of solving problems.
Project selection, software training, problem solving techniques, result comparison and structural optimization will be made and corrected under the guidance of experienced staff , Placement training and assistance will be provided. We have pleasant learning atmosphere, we not only provide training programs for students but also guide and encourage them to think innovatively and develop their research thoughts into real time working products. We guide students to obtain research grants from various funding agencies, hence providing an opportunity to the students to give life to their innovative ideas. More than 10 Engineering institutions got R&D support from us.

  1. Find the topic more interesting, exciting and challenging.
  2. A problem that is not solved or that needs better solution methods.
  3. A solution where you can implement advanced CADD/CAE tools like Msc.Nastran Patran , CFD, ANSYS,CATIA and other tools for
    making virtual models of the problem.
  4. Some original or novel application or a different approach to a given problem.
  5. A considerable amount of research work is required.
  6. The topic has to be very relevant to your degree and it should have good demand of job market.
  7. The topic can be a solution to the current service / application / process undergoing in the present Native industries
  8. The topic must be understandable to you which can be solved in the limited time period provided with all the available resources.
  9. The topic should be easily adoptable for commercial or Defence applications.

These steps can help you better in finding a good idea for your project

  1. Make a list of areas that are in your interests. Browse text books, magazines, special supplements in newspapers, the Internet.
    Attend lectures of an advanced level to find things you want to know more about.
  2. Find specific topics for which you can find and manage reasonable amounts of information. If it is too difficult to
    find information about a topic, it is probably better to find another topic.
  3. Formulate questions about the selected topics. Find problems that need solutions. Identify the motivations in order
    to give significance to the solutions.
  4. Clear Understanding of the existing application /Process is must, and then find out the areas where modifications or
    redesign is required.
  5. The ultimate aim is to decide what the problem is, what the proposed solution is, and why such solution is adequate.

The role of Jetwings as your project supervisor

We can provide
  1. An idea of a project of your interest.
  2. Tells you how to develop your project.
  3. Provides specific technical assistance through industry expert guidance.

Our Aeromodeling Projects Support

  1. Select existing or your own Projects
  2. Know the Design Parameters Involved to develop a concept into reality
  3. Know to apply classical methods of calculations involved to calculate flight parameters.
  4. Learn Advanced CADD and Design and Develop 3d model of your project by yourself
  5. Learn Advanced CAE tools and do analysis to check the design parameters.
  6. Learn benchmarked model correction techniques
  7. Know how to use various materials to develop real time model
  8. Classical and Advanced Fabrication Techniques
  9. Avionics & Systems Installation
  10. Flight simulator training and flying techniques
  11. Develop good quality academic writing (proposal, progress report and dissertation)
  12. Guidance on Communication and Project Presentation skills.